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Black wire mesh

The plain steel wire mesh is a great economical choice for those who are looking for a durable and yet inexpensive wire mesh. The Plain steel wire mesh, often called as “black wire mesh” or “low carbon steel wire mesh”, is relatively inexpensive as it is made of plain steel and not heat-treated. This is ideal for clients who are looking for a strong and durable wire mesh where corrosion is not a factor as rust may set in due to its low-carbon steel mesh. The wire mesh is frequently used in fireplace screens, oil strainers and for small guards. Carbon content is up to 0.3% for mild steel making it a suitable wire to be used for welding, forming, bending and other engineering applications, as it is neither brittle nor pliable like other wire meshes. Plain steel wire mesh is commonly used as filter wire mesh in several industries including – rubber, grain and plastic.

Wire Mesh Material

Q195 and Q235, etc.

Wire Mesh Standard Size

Roll Width : 1M, 36", 48", etc.

Roll Length : 30M, 100', etc.

Wire Mesh Applications

Filter in rubber and plastic industry, security, protection and food industry , etc.