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Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh is one of the popular metals used because of its malleability and flexibility making it the ideal material for many industries. Its reddish-orange hue also makes it an excellent choice in the architectural industry. Copper is resistant to corrosion caused by weather or atmospheric conditions, which also makes it an ideal choice in the telecommunication industry. The copper wire mesh melting point is set at 1083C, which is excellent for electric and thermal conductivity as well as ductility. To apply the wire mesh, apply a slight tensile force (TS), without any pleats and should overlap half of it. The ends are fixed by soldering or applying constant force spring to it.


Brass Wire Mesh When stainless steel material is not needed, Brass wire mesh can be used instead. Brass wires are ideal as they have superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion. 


Wire Mesh Material

Red copper, Brass (H65,H80).


Wire Mesh Standard Size

Roll Width : 1M, 36", 48", etc.

Roll Length : 30M, 100', etc.


Copper Wire Mesh Applications

Shielding and earthing in telecommunication joints and others in industry.


Brass Wire Mesh Applications

1. Liquid and Gas filtration

2. Architectural and Decorative application

3. Sieving of Pellets and Powder

4. Porcelain clay and glass