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Nickel Wire Mesh


Nickel is another popular alloy that is commonly used in making wire mesh especially for industries that require fine and high quality wires that also have excellent corrosion resistance ability. Although stainless steel are preferred, pure nickel products are highly valued for its resistance to a wide range of corrosive materials as the alloy produces its own corrosion or passive oxide film that protects it from the oxidation process.


Wire Mesh Material

Nickel 200 and 201.

Nickel 200 and 201 are considered as commercially pure. With 99.6% grade, the low carbon content of 201 prevents the metal alloy from becoming brittle when exposed to temperatures 600F and above. The Nickel 270 is considered as high purity grade metal alloy, produced through powder metallurgy.


Wire Mesh Standard Size

Roll Width : 1M, 36", 48", etc.

Roll Length : 30M, 100', etc.


Wire Mesh Characteristics

1. High resistance to corrosion.

2. High electrical conductivity.

3. Thermal conductivity.

4. Ductility.


Wire Mesh Applications

1. Electronics.

2. Aerospace.

3. Chemicals.

4. Handling Equipment.

5. Food Processing.

6. Magnetostrictive devices.